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Thanks to the experience and proficiency acquired over the years, Studio Carabelli & Rivolta is able to provide high quality interpreting services, relying on the collaboration of external interpreters with proven track record.

Areas of expertise

Liaison, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services are carried out exclusively by professional interpreters, selected over the years based on their specific professional preparation as well as their extensive experience and are bound by non-disclosure agreements to guarantee that all material is treated with the strictest confidence.

Our process

All the interpreting requests are managed by an internal Project Manager who coordinates every aspect of the process and is responsible for selecting the most suitable person for the job based on the linguistic combination required and the specific expertise and knowledge of the particular field.

Areas of work

Interpreting services are divided into four main areas:

Ancillary services

We help companies operate abroad.

Thanks to the linguistic and foreign business experience acquired, the Studio offers an extra service to support small and medium-sized companies in their internationalisation process.
For those companies that prefer not to have an in-house secretary straight away, the Studio provides a dedicated secretarial service that includes making overseas calls and the handling of correspondence, even on the customer’s premises, as well as accompanying the customer to international trade fairs and offices abroad.

Assistance in congresses and trade fairs does not mean the presence of hostesses or stand promoters, but that of professional interpreters that deal with liaison interpreting and/or chuchotage (whispered interpreting), depending on the need.

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